Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Love Bug scenes in San Francisco 1968

the last of the Victorian are buildings in San Fran I suppose, but as a horse drawn fire pumper station building it's amazing. Not a very good job at keeping the building look the same consistancy in the day and night image (it's a painting not a real building)

Buddy Hackett's car parts art from pieces of his Edsel

the first image of Herbie. Ever.

the cars in the background. Cool.

A challenge to a drag race from a hippie kid in a T bucket

Bitchin Rolls Royce

This is interesting as an example of the mid to late 60's hippe art, and the two characters below, they're in the model A, I bet there is a reason they look so damn goofy, and I believe the guy on the left side is Benny Hill


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