Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I had a job interview and a tour at Source Interlink Media (parent company of Hot Rod Magazine and Motor Trend)

Ummm, I was asked to interview for a job basically doing website content and editing  Hey, it's pretty cool that they think I can do a great job though I've had no college or university education in communication, websites, search engine optimization  or whatever else major magazine and website corporations want in editors.

But I don't live in LA, and that's a job requirement, being able to get into the office and hold down a desk job.

You might think they are hiring the competition, and that might be true. I'd rather think that they've looked at my site, liked its content quality and content, and that my stats are about 1/3rd what they do. For my hobby, in my spare time, vs their 40 hour a week pro employees and SEO. Heck, can you blame me for having a look at what I could get paid to do? Hell no. But I'm in San Diego, 2 hours away from their office. So I had to pass.

Past the reception area:

Past one of the cube farms of Motor Trend and into the garage area that Garage Mahal tv show did a make over on:

if you are a reader of Hot Rod you might recognize the Demon on the top rack, or Dave Freiburgers 70 Superbee. Oh, by the way, you can see the progress hasn't gotten far on the Demon

I got to thank Thom Taylor in person for recommending this blog in Hot Rod Magazine! was my online thank you

Into the photo studio, where beautiful women models (as opposed to car models) are getting personal hair stylists and make up artists to enhance their natural good looks

getting catering by Noah's, with Red Vines, Naked juices, and strawberries. Veggie platter, Orbit gum, and grapes. Now that is a cool way to take care of models!

bitchin table! Even has headers!

Above: the list of guests at the magazine HQ I think. Pretty cool to get your friends and business acquaintances to autograph a board like this, even put on a sketch or pinstripe   that is very cool

and the only interesting cars in the parking lot


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