Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fuel delivery trucks, the variety is impressive

 I like the airplane in the background, and the design of the fuel truck back half.

looks very short, but I hope that is a optical illusion from the camera angle. I'm surprised that the letters are add ons. It looks really good.

wow, that is old.

The coolest of the photos here in my opinion, the 1940 Ford has been chopped to the belt line, and some odd panels on top of the fenders. Really professional looking, and of course, it's very cool that there is a plane in the background

I haven't seen a double trailer in a long time

Even older that that gren truck, this is what a Mack truck looked like in the 19 teens. Solid rubber tires, looks like wood spoke rims, side curtains and a "C" cab.

Above is in the Ramsey Museum in Dover Ohio

 wow, great looking truck and tanks. And pumps were mounted on the sides! Cool!

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