Wednesday, January 2, 2013

need something better than a 50 foot extension cord laying on the garage floor to plug into, Why not a retractable one? Even better, if you work with pnematic tools, and are fed up with lugging the air hose around? Check this new gadget out, the Roboreel

 You can get the swivel airhose reel that will unreel in anydirection and not get the hose wound around the axel, plus it's not going to whip around when retracting like most spring loaded reels do. Their design was based on the old window shade that your grandparents had, that one that never stopped where you wanted it to, and snapped back up to the top of the window unexpectedly. This gizmo has a motor that retracts at a set pace, and the amount you pulled out, not just part way causing you to jerk on the hose multiple times to get it to work right. Don't take my opinion on this though, for 300 bucks or so (280 on Amazon) you'll want an expert opinion right?

they also make an extension cord retactable gizmo very identical to the air hose one. If you prefer to just reach up and grab the ext cord, air hose, etc etc than walk around the garage, you've wasted a lot of time in search of the cord just like I have.

in the center of the bulb you plug into is the button you push to get the cord to retract.

and a water house housing too

 they are already featured in the below magazines
And I found the Roboreel to be the most innovative gadget at SEMA. I wish to hell the shops I've worked at, and currently slave away in, would get the air hose and electrical extension cord reel, lots of them for more info and demo videos


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