Saturday, December 1, 2012

the movie Thunderbolt - Jackie Chan 1999, stunt direcotr Sammo Hung. Good movie, kung fu and sports car fusion, with racing scenes in a Herbie the love bug style

Great garage couch, a 70's Ford LTD or Lincoln Town Car maybe, cut at the dutchman panel, with the rear seat in the truck, trunk lid attached and raised... very impressive! The main character's family business is a junkyard in Hong Kong. The coffee table is a couple of racing tires with a glass top, corners are safety protected with cut tennis balls.

Wouldn't it be great if your team sponsor showed up with a trailer FULL of tires? on the left is the race car transporter, sides and top are gull winged out of the way to provide shade and rain shelter, the cars are on a 4 corner full hoist for working on or under, and allows for 4 cars in the trailer. Superb

Here's examples of the Herbie the love bug style racing cinematography. Not bad, just derivitive.

Or maybe Mad Mad Mad Mad World. Don't be concerned, the movie is well paced, decently acted, fun and a great mix of Jackie Chan martial arts/gymnastics and sports car racing


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