Friday, December 21, 2012

"Premium Rush" is a great bike chase movie, and Danny MacAskill shows his skills in it too!

the above is the better trailer if you want the story about the movie, in short, Bike Messenger vs corrupt NY cop, cop chases the best messenger in NYC to try to get the package. Bike messenger pulls off incredible evasive moves, gets chased a couple times, delivers. On time.

Great biking, good movie, terrific reviews all over, Ebert to Rotten Tomatos.

the below is the better trailer for a bit of action

For the best write up about the movie (ignore all the filler about "The French Connection" and skip down to where the writer nails the biggest idiot to break into the set during filming, some a hole with a diplomats license plate who knows he can get away with anything less than murder, crashed into the film location with his car, and caused the well known and liked actor Joseph Gordon Levitt (JCL) to crash into the back of a taxi, through the back window, and get 31 stitches) check the verbose New York Times article:

If you are wondering why I mention Danny MacAskill, it's because he is a phenom in trick riding, I've posted videos of his stunts a year ago:


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