Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ventura Nats cool stuff and good photos

If you haven't heard before, pinstriping cars, according to the man Von Dutch himself, was first used to cover scratches, and this is the first time I've seen one used for that. Which sort of sets me in the groove of the hot rod heart to car shows.

the age of this steering wheel being so easy to identify with the crackling of it.. sure looks cool

pinstriped speaker covers, cool!

early 60's big square trunks... back when gas mileage didn't matter, and the more friends that could fit in a trunk meant you'd have a better time at the drive in. Yeah, drive in... I'm 41, and I've been to many drive ins. Do they even exist anymore? Could they cope with high def, high res, and high dollar sound effects? probably not. No way they can compete with 3d Imax for enjoying Life of Pi, Avatar, etc etc

I intended to just get the tag of the maker of the RV, but next to it is this interesting "Division of Housing" of the State of California. Who ever heard of the Division of Housing, part of the Department of Industrial Relations and that they would be nosing into vehicles. Does the government at a state level really have that many departments and divisions all running off the tax revenue from citizens? No wonder all the states, cities, and counties are bankrupt.

This isn't at first a good looking truck maybe to you, but I love the improved grill

Awesome gauges

firing order on the spark plug heat shield. I wonder if it was inconvienent to look for that info when the shield had to be removed to actually affect the firing order by connecting the spark plug wires. Maybe I am not clear. To do the firing order correctly would be easier if you had that info handy, in front of you, not removed when you needed it.


Above is a Studebaker

I think the above is a Hudson because of the "Project H" on the radiator shell

Bad ass Plymouth

Cool 60's vibe with the interior, the chrome V in the middle of the door is awesome

having a hood ornament head as a shifter knob.. cool

Above is a DeSoto

If you can tell what the instument panel is from, then you too have the sickness. I can even tell you the other two vehicles I posted that had it, and when and where. I can't remember my sisters phone number, but I can tell you when and where I found two other 1923 Hudson panels. It's a sickness. Gotta be.

Pretty simple silhouette painting, but that headlight is just knockout!

way cooler than a goofy kid peeing into a pool style waterfall. 


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