Tuesday, November 13, 2012

an extreme converting truck bed / bike hauler, for Mike Tomas' Hendee Deviant, from Kiwi Indian Motorcycle Co in Riverside California. Mike is from New Zealand, and was a tech advisor for "Worlds Fastest Indian"

the first impression is that some lifting mechanism is going to move the pickup bed into the correct position, and so the first couple photos here show the mechanism that works like a dumpster pulling device, part lifting, part sliding.

Three hydraulic rams that curl the pickup bed up and over the hydraulics to land it where it belongs behind the cab

The rest of the photos are of Kiwi Mike's homage to Harley board track racers

 This bike placed 3rd in the 2012 AMD world championships
Built to simulate an Indian board track racer of the 1920's http://motorivista.com/kiwi-indian-motorcycle/

I like this oil sump that does double duty as part of the rear fender



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