Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Journey

1962 promotional film of Czech racing driver Jaroslav Pavelka tossing a Tatra 603 around over field and stream, town and hillside, accompanied by a party official in line for new wheels and his lovely daughter. The wave of shock and awe as the thing roars past means its pilot can do pretty much whatever he wants, blowing by lesser vehicles on the highway at twice their speed, endangering motorcycles and horse carts, old ladies and bikes as he fishtails through the crooked narrow cobblestone streets of the old city, blasting up into snowy elevations and back, then executing a very neat trick involving a steep grassy slope for a finale. Not even the hapless policist┼» who give chase in their Tatra T201 patrol wagon can resist stepping forward to shake his hand at the end of his run. YouTube embed courtesy of TopSpeed automagaz├şn.


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